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PCAT Teams and Congregational Call Processes

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  • PCAT Teams and Congregational Call Processes


    Thanks for your involvement in the NALC's PCAT Team network. The work you are doing is bearing fruit, and for this we are grateful! As a result of some recent situations, we would like to remind those who may be leading the Congregational Workshops in Preparation for the Call Process, that it is important for the PCAT facilitators not to be involved in the congregation's process, other than through the workshop. If, in your interaction with the congregation, you hear of pastoral candidates or are asked for your opinion regarding particular pastors, it is important for you to remain neutral and not give opinions that will influence and perhaps may complicate the congregation's call process. If you have a concern about the call process, pastoral candidates, etc, please contact me or our General Secretary Pr. Mark Chavez with your concerns. We will follow up and determine if there are appropriate ways for us to address these concerns. Thanks for your sensitivity to the nature of the call process and the need for facilitators to be independent, fair, balanced and without an agenda.