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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the NALC's "Craig's List!" The NALC's General Secretary has authorized this area to be an open forum where pastors, leaders, volunteers, congregation members can make resources available. For example, perhaps your congregation is looking to get rid of old hymnals because you are getting new ones... You may choose to donate them or have someone pay shipping to get them to a needed mission start that would be very glad to have hymnals as they have none.

    People who are "looking" for things are welcome to post. People who are looking to share resources are welcome to post.

    For congregations who are interested in posting open jobs - you are welcome to post here, as well. Perhaps you are looking for an administrative assistant, youth director, business manager or other congregational positions... Please feel free to post that information here!

    This space is a grass roots area to share resources. Welcome!

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    An update - the information from the "old" NALC's Craiglist was not moved over because everything that was offered, found a home. And vice versa - everything that everyone was looking for was taken care of. Please feel free to post if you have a need. Or if your congregation is giving something away (or looking to get rid of things at a low price)! Or if you would like to post a job opening.


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      Thanks. Great work.