1. One of the most requested resources is that of our January Church Planting Conference. The video resources and handouts are now available on the NALC's website (please see additional PowerPoint that is attached as an amendment to those documents already posted with the videos) -

2. For planting house churches, we specifically partner with an organization called Life Together Churches. They have the experience and hands down the best practical resources (that are Lutheran in theology). There is an abundant amount of teaching and resources on their website. Here’s a link to all of that information - http://lifetogetherchurches.com

3. An NALC Mission Festival also focused on this topic - for video teaching and handouts please see: http://thenalc.org/2014-mission-festival-presentations/

4. An additional training was conducted in May 2011 - please see the video teaching entitled "Mission Planters Training Event" at http://thenalc.org/mission-videos-2/