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NALC Mission Office Pathway for Church Plants

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  • NALC Mission Office Pathway for Church Plants

    Because there is no one right way to plant a congregation, there is an abundant amount of freedom in the NALC. We hold the reigns loosely, with a general basic pathway. Here is the introductory information that we share about that pathway.

    With regards to the mission start itself? Thankfully – all of our resources are online under the “Missions” tab on the NALC website. There you can find an abundant amount of video teaching on this subject, documents, guidelines, recommendations, etc:

    As you click on the above link, a few things that you might find initially helpful are listed on the documents tab:
    1. Mission Starts/Affiliation Procedure
    2. How to Start A Church (Case study by Advent Winchester)
    3. Formational Mission Questions

    The first two documents listed summarize procedures in the NALC, as well as general procedures. The file entitled “Formational Mission Questions” is typically the basis for what we use as our conference call during a meeting with Dr. Gemechis Buba and myself. As you read the paperwork you will see that some things are more advanced than your timeline is prepared for, but the first section will work quite well.

    We also try and be very up front with folks and let them know that funding and finances are quite different in the NALC with regards to mission starts. We don’t fund “mission developers.” The NALC has an annual grant process that allows for mission starts to apply each fall for the upcoming year – if granted, the maximum amount is $12,000 the first year and reduced by half for the next two years. We work through the Great Commission Society to help congregations develop long lasting partners to help support the ministry financially. Most of our mission start pastors are bi-vocational. Some choose to stay that way and develop their local leadership teams as they enjoy teaching as a university professor, working with hospice or serving as a chaplain. Again – we know that people aren’t in “mission” to make money, but because we handle finances differently – we want to be very up front with people so there are no false expectations.

    As you digest some of this information, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of assistance.